The origin of sealing solutions

In Q1 2017 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Lagersmit, this 160 year old Dutch company specialises in producing and selling seals for ships, pumps and tidel turbines. Lucros Investment participated by co-investing in a buyer’s cooperation led by Anders Invest and the Hoge Dennen. 

About Lagersmit

Lagersmit has been serving the maritime market since 1856 and has specialised in producing seals since 1956. Because of the high quality of these seals they can also be used for dredge pumps, cooling water pumps, tidal power plants and other industrial applications. Lagersmit is one of the top 4 global players and the last truly independent and focussed expert in this market. It has an impressive global network of sales and service points and retrieves most of its business from retrofitting existing customers. Production is almost fully automated and all knowledge is in-house to making sure all the high quality demands are met.



The Netherlands Is A Shipbuilding Country. Lagersmit Has Been Serving That Market Since 1856 And Has Specialised In Seals For It Since 1956. Strict Emission Standards And Regulations, Such As The Vgp, Mean That Good Seals Are More Relevant Than Ever. Leading Propulsion Manufacturers And Ship-Owners Already Rely On The Supreme® Seal.


The Dutch Have Been Battling With Water For Centuries. Dredging Is Deeply Ingrained In Dutch Culture And Is Something We Are Very Proud Of. As A Former Subsidiary Of Royal Ihc, We Have A Special Bond With The Dredging Market. Lagersmit Specialises In Seals For (Dredging) Pumps And Propulsion Systems For Dredgers.


Cooling Water Processes Are Crucial For Industry. We Believe That A Seal Must Contribute To A Well-Controlled Process. And That It Should Be Possible To Monitor The Behaviour Of A Seal And Predict Its Life Cycle While Minimising The Costs At The Same Time. This Is Exactly What The Liquidyne® Seal Does For (Cooling) Water Pumps.


Cooling Water Processes Are Essential For The Generation Of Energy. Just Imagine A Seal That Is Not Just Risk-Free, But Actually Helps To Achieve A Stable Pumping Process. A Process In Which You Can Also Monitor The Condition Of The Seal 24/7

Sustainable Energy

The World Is Changing Fast. Fossil Fuels Are Becoming Scarcer And Are Harmful To Our Environment. Alternative Ways Of Generating Energy Are Being Researched All Over The World. One Excellent Example Is Tidal Energy. Are You Actively Involved In Tidal Energy? Then You Know You How Important Good Seals Are For Your Turbines!


There Is No Other Country In The World That Has As Much To Do With Water As The Netherlands. Lagersmit Has A Great Deal Of Expertise In Water Market Related Solutions. Lock Gates Must Be Able To Move And Ships Must Be Able To Sail. Supreme Seals Provide Added Value To The Quality And Reliability Of Your Lock And/Or Ship. We Make Your Pumping Stations Durable With The Liquidyne. This Seal Was Originally Developed For

For more information please visit: www.lagersmit.com



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