Next generation solar energy

In Q3 2017 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Eight19, this British company commercialises a unique class of photovoltaic (‘OPV’) for next generation solar technology. Eight19 is a world leader in roll-to-roll technology for the manufacture of flexible, robust and lightweight OPV modules. 

Next to this Eight19 is actively involved with the ground breaking photo physics innovation from Sir Richard Friend’s group at the Cavendish Laboratory (Cambridge University) that can potentially deliver a very exciting and disruptive product in the field of photovoltaics renewable energy. 

About Eight19

Our unique breadth and depth of supply chain partnerships gives us access to world leading materials, complementary technology and vast scale-up capacity with minimum capital investment.

Our production know-how and IP lead to advances in the performance and economics of plastic solar cell manufacture. We actively partner with materials developers and suppliers, OEMs as well as with Cambridge University, with its world leading expertise in plastic electronics.

Our production method does not require vacuum or high temperature conditions. It is a high-yield process that scales up without the need for the high capital investment typical of most semiconductor processes.

Deep capabilities at Eight19 and the Cambridge technology cluster can design and supply associated electronics and software to optimise trials and fast track applications.


Wireless Devices;
Micro-generation for a world of connected smart devices powered from available ambient light.

In-store promotion and logistics using self-powered lighting, sensors and wireless system.

Outdoor Off-Grid Power;
Flexible plastic solar cells provide off-grid supply – even in remote locations.

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