Bolt Mobility AppScooter

Innovative Dutch Electric Appscooter

150% faster, 50% further, 40% lighter, App connected!

In Q3 2015 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Bolt Mobility. Bolt Mobility is currently developing the potentially market disrupting electric AppScooter. The AppScooter is set to do for the 2 wheeled motoring world what Tesla did for the automotive world.


Key features of the AppScooter:

  • High tech Dutch design
  • Up to 150km on a single charge battery: 50% further than competitors
  • 0-45kmph in 3,9 seconds: 150% faster than competitors
  • Aerospace grade composite frame: 40% lighter than competitors
  • On board operating system, turning the scooter in to a smart device
  • Apps directly displayed and useable on the cockpit screen (first in the world)
  • Smart phone app

Using Lucros’ investment, Bolt Mobility will initiate commercialization of its AppScooter and set up a semi-automated production facility. Lucros will open up its global network to help speed up worldwide market penetration.

Edwin Berkhout, Director Lucros Investment BV: “Mobility is going to switch from combustion engines to electric engines rapidly and the obvious add-on is to connect electric vehicles to the internet. This is exactly what the AppScooter team has done. The Bolt Mobility approach is revolutionary and therefore potentially game changing.

Not only is the AppScooter the next step in helping the world reach its renewable targets, it is also how scooter driving in 2016 should be. It is lighter, faster, has a longer range, is connected to the internet and lets you run apps on its own platform.”

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