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Wind energy goes airborne

In Q1 2015, Lucros acquired a shareholding in Ampyx Power. Ampyx is developing a novel wind energy technology that has the potential of disrupting the current electricity generation sector. Its airborne wind energy system is projected to generate electricity at cost levels well below any other generation technology, especially in respect of offshore deployment.

Using Lucros’ capital investment, Ampyx plans to initiate commercialization of its technology and develop its first pilot project(s). Moreover, Lucros aims to assist Ampyx in commercializing its technology for offshore use, and enable Ampyx to work together with specialized offshore wind development companies, a field wll known to the team of Lucros.

Edwin Berkhout (Principal Director Lucros Investment): “Ampyx still has some way to go, but proof of concept has been achieved and they are on the verge of field testing the AP-3 model, this model will hopefully show the true potential of this market disrupting and novel technique". 

Ampyx has the potential to become cheaper than fossil fuel energy, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Lucros believes it is important to support these developments toward a future with 100% renewable energy”.

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