- Next generation solar energy

In Q3 2017 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Eight19, this British company commercialises a unique class of photovoltaic (‘OPV’) for next generation solar technology. Eight19 is a world leader in roll-to-roll technology for the manufacture of flexible, robust and lightweight OPV modules. 



- The origin of sealing solutions

In Q1 2017 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Lagersmit, this 160 year old Dutch company specialises in producing and selling seals for ships, pumps and tidel turbines. Lucros Investment participated by co-investing in a buyer’s cooperation led by Anders Invest and the Hoge Dennen. 


- A new benchmark for Solar Shading

In Q3 2016 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in MicroShade. MicroShade is a Danish clean-tech company founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute. MicroShade has developed a passive membrane that, when put in between a 2- or 3-layer glass, provides optimal solar shading.

Bolt Mobility AppScooter

- Innovative Dutch Electric Appscooter

In Q3 2015 Lucros Investment acquired a shareholding in Bolt Mobility. Bolt Mobility is currently developing the potentially market disrupting electric AppScooter. The AppScooter is set to do for the 2 wheeled motoring world what Tesla did for the automotive world.


Ampyx Power

- Wind energy goes airborne

In Q1 2015, Lucros acquired a shareholding in Ampyx Power. Ampyx is developing a novel wind energy technology that has the potential of disrupting the current electricity generation sector. Its airborne wind energy system is projected to generate electricity at cost levels well below any other generation technology, especially in respect of offshore deployment.

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Lucros Investment participates in ventures that build their business on new technological advancements. We focus specifically on concepts that anticipate on the trends of ‘the smart sustainable society’ and the improvement of industrial processes.

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