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Lucros Investment acquires shareholding in MicroShade

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 23rd, 2016 - Lucros Investment B.V. today announces to have acquired a shareholding in MicroShade A/S, developer of a revolutionary new passive solar shading. This is Lucros’ third investment in the clean-tech segment. MicroShade is a new type of passive solar shading with almost invisible micro-lamellas inside the glazing that block 90% of unwanted solar radiation. (G-value 0.10)


Edwin Berkhout, Director Lucros Investment BV: “We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to invest in such an exciting, disruptive new technology. With this investment in MicroShade, Lucros Investment is vastly becoming a major player in the clean-tech segment”.

MicroShade is a Danish clean-tech company founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute. MicroShade has developed a passive membrane that, when put in between a 2- or 3-layer glass, provides optimal solar shading. At the same time it ensures the best possible view out and the right amount of useful daylight. Together, these parameters raise the quality of the indoor climate significantly.

Laurens Sorenson, CEO MicroShade A/S: “Using Lucros’ investment, MicroShade will initiate further commercialization of its products and support the R&D development activities. Furthermore, Lucros will open up its global network to help speed up worldwide market penetration”.  

About Lucros Investment:

Lucros Investment participates in ventures that capitalize on the trend 'sustainable and smart society' with technical innovations that have the capability to disrupt current thinking. We are a hands-on investor offering capital, practical knowledge and a worldwide network. Established in 2014, Lucros Investment is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between seed and venture capital.

About MicroShade:

MicroShade A/S specialises in developing and marketing advanced, transparent solar shading solutions. The company’s mission is to create buildings with best-in-class working environments, maximum interior flexibility, minimal operational complexity and highly reduced energy consumption through simple and predictable solutions.

Apart from its patented technology, MicroShade A/S has developed a complete software and communication package for the analysis and visualisation of the improvements that the MicroShade technology provides for a building. This allows real estate companies to easily analyse and subsequently capitalise on improved performance and space utilisation and thus increase the value of their properties.

MicroShade A/S works closely with several European knowledge centres, including the Institute of Technology, Fraunhofer and ITF Rosenheim.

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