We are interested in simple concepts & groundbraking technologies that have the potential to become ‘game changing innovations’ that disrupt market standards / practices. We generally invest in three market segments, each of which are in line with our team’s background & expertise, and our deep rooted ties with the respective supply chain(s).



Cleantech and Renewables

Clean-tech & Renewables

Population growth together with the industrialization over the last century has led to climate change as well as shortages in fossil fuels, fossil energy and especially drinking water. Innovative solutions and large scale application thereof is of vital importance to our changing environment. Following the trend towards a more sustainable  future, we invest in clean energy companies that are aimed at the commercial roll-out of ‘green’  smart technologies and/or concepts.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial (smart) Solutions

Ongoing global trends like outsourcing, modernization, automation of processes and implementation of app driven smart devices have already led to an enormous efficiency improvement in industrial processes. We believe this trend will lead the future and emerging innovations are expected to create an increasing number of practical (smart) solutions. As an investor, we are interested to participate in companies that build their business on (smart) solutions that make industrial processes faster, safer, more reliable, and/or using less capital intensive materials/equipment.


Opportunity driven (co) investments

Often attractive opportunities arise from special situations and/or time-driven circumstances. As a private company, we have the flexibility to also consider making investments outside our core focus markets. In case of a unique opportunity that triggers our interest, we are able to act swift accordingly and provide the required capital. This can have various forms ranging from co-investments, hybrid financing, or other types of funding (e.g. fund financing, mezzanine, etc.).

As a flexible investor we invest in ventures throughout different phases, ranging from the start-up phase, scale up phase, up too the more mature stage. It is important for us that the respective business has achieved a ‘proof of concept’. TRL 5 and up.

In our philosophy the management and organization of a company is at least as important as the strength of the innovation itself. We are looking for true entrepreneurs who are deeply driven for success, and are able to partner with other parties and businesses in order to achieve success.

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