Investment process


What can you expect?



The process starts with getting to know each other and understanding what your business is all about and how Lucros Investment can contribute to your success. Since the launch of Lucros Investment, we have established a comprehensive initial screening process (quick-scan) allowing our investment experts to filter quality investment targets that correspond to Lucros Investment’s investment strategy and criteria and subsequently can be considered potential investment projects.

Commercial Due Diligence

Lucros Investment believes that a rigorous and detailed due diligence process is key to the ability to identify attractive investment opportunities and uncover potential issues that can be either constructively addressed or avoided. The commercial due diligence will adress all facets of your business.

Term sheet

Almost simultaneously with the commercial due diligence we start negotiating the term sheet. We do this at this moment so it becomes clear to all parties that interests and expectations are aligned. The term sheet outlines the material terms and conditions of the investment agreement, such as acquisition price and voting rights. After the term sheet has been signed a period of exclusivity commences between both companies.

Confirmatory Due Diligence

After agreeing to the term sheet it is crucial for Lucros Investment to get the confirmation that there are no “skeletons in the closet”, this means a complete review of all facts, legal, tax and financial documentation.


When everything in the confirmatory due diligence checks out the final investment documentation will be drafted and we can proceed with signing the investment agreement. After which we can take our first combined steps to mutual success.

* A typical investment process may take anything between 6 en 36 weeks, depending on the information provided to Lucros.

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