Added value

Lucros Investment is a hands on investor with real added value next to financing. We seek to form a long term, strong and active partnership with entrepreneurs and management teams. To accomplish this we offer your business the tools to accelerate succesfully to the next level.

Lucros Investment is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between seed and venture capital. 





What does this imply in real life:

Financial support

We offer the resources and capabilities to provide / arrange (flexible) financing solutions tailored to support a company’s (long-term) growth strategy.

Advice & Sound boarding

We aim to act as your sparring partner in the formulation and evaluation of company strategy. We have extensive experience with start-ups and transition of ventures to a next phase.

Strategic support 

We have a deep industry intelligence & broad network within the energy sector, infrastructure and related industries. We will also open up and provide access to a deep pool of talented managers & experts with diverse backgrounds.

Operational support

We support our portfolio companies at an operational level by assisting them to improve the efficiency of their business processes, such as sales & marketing, legal, accounting, contractual and fiscal matters.

Facilitate valuable partnerships

We provide acces to our extensive global network in cleantech/ renewables en industry. 

Ventures in which we participate many times are facing the same hurdles we have encountered ourselves in previous cases as entrepreneur or investor. In our effort to support a venture to make a successful transition into its next phase, we therefore work with expert partners with varying background: from experienced entrepreneurs, to co-investors, supply chain partners, knowledge centers, and 'best' in class consultants. 

Address details

Lucros Investment BV.
Tempeliersstraat 23
2012 EA  Haarlem
T. +31 23 751 0800