About us

Lucros Investment participates in ventures that capitalize on the trend 'sustainable and smart society' with technical innovations that have the capability to disrupt current thinking. We are a hands-on investor offering capital, practical knowledge and a worldwide network. Established in 2014, Lucros Investment is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between seed and venture capital. 

We commit ourselves in an open ended-way. So our interests are aligned with the interests of the company and its stakeholders.

As previous entrepreneurs and investors in rapidly growing ventures, we have ample experience in supporting businesses to reach their next phase, pro-act on market needs and ultimately to create a commercial success.

Lucros Investment key characteristics

  • Pro-active & flexible investment approach
  • Quick decision making
  • Entrepreneurial background 
  • Advising management
  • Strategic & Operational support of growth strategies


Lucros Investment is a hands on investor with real added value next to financing. We offer your business the tools to accelerate succesfully to the next level. We seek to form a long term, strong and active partnership with entrepreneurs and management teams.
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We are interested in simple concepts & groundbraking technologies that have the potential to become ‘game changing innovations’ that disrupt current market standards / practices. Potential investments need to be  TRL 5 ore up-words. We generally invest in three market segments, each of which are in line with our team’s background & expertise, and our deep rooted ties with the respective supply chain(s).
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Address details

Lucros Investment BV.
Tempeliersstraat 23
2012 EA  Haarlem
T. +31 23 751 0800
E. info@lucros-group.eu